A few disclaimers

I love college health. I really do. I’m saying this unironically and without provocation. There’s just something about caring for young adults who are on their own for the first time ever, where you feel like you’re actually playing a role in their evolving relationship with the world, and in particular how they relate to and engage with the sometimes scary and often daunting world of healthcare.

I love my patients. I feel a fierce sense of protection for them. Like the world could surprise and hurt them at any time, and they wouldn’t have seen it coming. I like getting to be a part of helping them learn how to see it coming.

I’m taking the time to say this because I think if you’re reading this blog, you might not get that. But just because I sound a little sarcastic and jaded from time to time, it doesn’t mean I don’t love what I do.


Obviously, nothing I write here should come even close to being considered personal medical advice for you, random person reading this blog. Go see your licensed health care provider about that rash. Really. It’s their job.


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