Ah, September. Back to school, and the end of summer – those three months of overheated bliss, where stress tops out at coordinating a weekend BBQ schedule and dealing with beach traffic.

Unless you’re me!* Hi, world. I just moved my entire family 3500 miles across the country.

I won’t bore you with the details – except to say that moving out of a house that you’ve filled with far too many personal belongings, driving across the country with two teensy kids, finding a place to live in one of the toughest real estate markets in the country from afar, and transferring all your various NP-related licenses to the most administratively labyrinthine state in the history of forever had me doubting my sanity in very real and discomfiting ways (/rant over) – but as I get settled in the new digs and come out of the fog, a few reflections:

1. Making a long-distance move? Drive it. And take your time. All that “flyover country” has a lot of awesomeness to offer. One example: It turns out that Sioux Falls totally rocks. Those falls (not just a name) are straight-up gorgeous. And some of the best Mexican food outside SoCal can be found in a tiny taqueria tucked in the shadow of a huge meatpacking plant. Who knew? I mean, besides the South Dakotans?

2. Traffic is bad everywhere; the badness just has different flavors. Boston has volume + poorly marked roads. California has volume + commuter rage. (she says from the comfort of her road-rage-free seat on public transportation)

3. Beaches are awesome. Never turn down the opportunity to live near a beach if it’s remotely possible. The sight of the ocean greeting you as you drive home makes #2 (see above) worth it. (Sort of.)

4. Starting over is hard. All the awesome stuff you did in that last job might have gotten you the new one, but it doesn’t buy you much capital on the clinic floor. You’re still the new guy. Hazing, mostly of the subtle variety, may or may not ensue.

And tomorrow? Actual patients. In my schedule. Because I have a schedule.

I may still find myself getting lost on the way to the bathroom, but I have a schedule.

Wish me luck.

*and, I’m sure, the majority of human beings… but a girl can dream, right?



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