#AbxScore Week 2

This was a less than successful week when it comes to rocking the AbxScore. Quick rundown of my progress this week (and to refamiliarize yourself with how scoring works, visit my initial and more optimistic post here):

Day 1: 1/2

Day 2: 0/1

Day 3: 1/1

Day 4: 1/2

First off, you can see right away that for whatever reason, I haven’t been seeing so many of the garden variety upper respiratory infections this week. Plenty of other fun stuff, don’t you worry, but the URIs were few and far between.

Which was just fine by me, because the ones I did see had me feeling like I was banging my head against a wall. Total AbxScore of 3/6, or 50%. Sad face.

Longer post to follow, wherein I go on far too long about responsible prescribing and ethical practice and telemedicine and some other stuff. Because I can, because it’s my blog. Lucky you!



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