A few things I’m thankful for on a rainy, windy Thanksgiving eve:


Rhinestones and glitter, for making the world a little brighter (what with all that additional light they reflect into our eyes)

My daughter’s unyielding commitment to the concept of spending the evening hanging from our ceiling in a climbing harness

Our annual Thanksgiving viewing of Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy

Warm sweet baked goods a la mode – always, always a la mode

The snooze button

Pre-holiday clinic days, when most students have left behind the health center staff with enough free time to spend the afternoon watching music videos from the ’90s and online shopping

Movie musicals

Coffee with flavored creamer, for turning a necessary chore into morning dessert


Footie pajamas

Thanksgiving is seriously the best, right? Just keep in mind: be sure to overeat right up to the point of moderate gastrointestinal distress but not beyond, limit yourself to no more than two uncomfortably passionate discussions about politics with your aunt’s husband, and hug your loved ones at the end of the night.

A lot.




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