Dear daughter

Hello beautiful girl!

Right now, you’re only 5. My biggest worries for you currently are whether you can stay on your unnecessarily strict teacher’s good side (please, it’s kindergarten. relax), if I can reliably convince you to stop trying to kill yourself at the playground, and how likely it is that I can keep you from asking to buy those slutty Bratz dolls.

But the day will come. Far, far too soon. You’ll be a teenager. Doing teenager-y things. You already have the attitude down, so, you know, that’s something. Go you.

And then, you’ll be a young adult. And OMG I CAN’T EVEN living on your own. Hopefully (?) at college somewhere. Probably somewhere at least a plane ride away, since you’ll hate your parents even as you love them, and you’ll think you need to get as far away as possible, as a way of proving to everyone around you (and yourself) how grown up and independent you are.

And this is why I’m starting this blog. This blog of missives to you, my still perfect (okay fine, less than perfect, but still pretty fricken fabulous) child.

Because in my other full-time job, the one that pays me in money instead of hugs, whining and bone-deep fatigue, I’m taking care of your future peers. I work at a college health clinic. All I see, all day, every day, are young people bringing me the results of their youthful indiscretions and poor decision making. Someday, that will be you.

So when one of my 18-22 year old patients says or does something particularly…inspiring, I’m going to try to write it down here. In the hope that learning from their mistakes will keep you from feeling to need to make them all yourself.


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